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- Gentiana sceptrum Griseb. Allied to Oregana. Leaves always in 2s, not in 3s as often in Oregana, very upright in growth (tallest 18-24 inches high); corolla not dotted or scarcely, the lobes erect! (in oregana spreading). Leaves thinner than in Oregana, a soft green as in alfalfa leaves. Corolla deep sky blue, throat & border; in Oregana the border only, -- and somewhat lighter (half as deep a blue) No appendages! a mere short very blunt point -- Brought in by Robt. Brandt, Aug. 1913, from Gualala.
16 Aug. 1913.

- Robt. Brandt says: Vaccinum ovatum is decreasing in our country because fire is kept out. In the Redwood country where logging is going on Vaccinum ovatum comes in abundantly. Comes up the first year from the old roots and bears berries the second year. Later on it is likely to be overtopped and shaded out by Ceanothus, especially C. foliosus. We pick the berries in quantity for home use but also for marketing in San Francisco. A man can pick 10 or 12 pounds a day or if a rapid picker maybe 20 pound. The price is ten or twelve cents a pound in S.F. Several hundred pounds are sent to S.F. each season. Some bushes bear abundantly of fine berries and it is not uncommon to see the track of deer thickly printed about such bushes.
Redwood. Lightning will shear off a band or strip down the trunk following the grain of the wood. Does not kill the trees but in case of Sugar Pine does kill. Hemlock, Coast, a cluster of trees on south side Gualala River in Sonoma Co., 2 miles from coast. cf. 24:103. over
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