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- Cercocarpus minutiflorus Abrams. (Sheet borrowed from Abrams) Abrams 4901, Alpine, San Diego Co. 10 July 1912. I cannot see but that this is typical C. parviflorus, at least typical of the usual thing in middle Cal.; far less "off" than Baker's Modoc spm. etc.
- Arctostaphylos parryana Lemmon = A. patula in appearance. Berries round-ovate or pyriform, 4 to 5 lines high
Leaves round or rather broadly ovate, abruptly short acute, 1 to 1 1/3 in. long -- in Abrams, 2716 San Antonio Mts. This is parryana teste Abrams on my visit to Stanford.
Stone of much same shape
July 1913.

as berry, 4 lines long, not separable into nutlets, with about 8 long sharp low ridges. Sparingly short hairy berry. Berry wrinkled coarsely in drying. A. patula has a depressed berry which is strongly lobed (in unripe berries) and very finely wrinkled almost as if reticulated.
- Eriogonum hirtiflorum. I find uniformly 2 flowers to invol. in Brandegee's Edgewood, & Lake Co & Tulare Co. Also see Erythea vol. 1.
- Polygonum bidwelliae Wats. I believe this to be only a form of P. californicum. P. Kelloggii is not distinct from P. imbricatum as I view the two at present.
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