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900 ft. S. Cruz Mts.

- Went to Los Gatos and was met by the Beans in their machine and driven to their summer cottage, Wildflower Hill, at Saratoga. Friday eve. Sunday walked along the foothill trail to San Jose with Miss Rowena Beans. It is a very beautiful trail through chaparral and clumps of trees in canons, with fine views over the Santa Clara Valley.
No. 5625. Sphacele [= Lepechinia] calycina Bth. Bushes 4-5 ft. h. Cor. white and also pale lavender
No. 5626. Verbascum flattaria L. Hard dry soil of footpath.
No. 5627.(Discarded insect damaged) Wyethia glabra Nutt. In a little flat in the hills.
No. 5628. Malacothrix [floccitera] On sand slide in canon.
June 22, 1913
900 ft.

No. 5629. Holodiscus discolor Maxim. var. franciscanus Jepson 14 ft. h!
No. 5630. Smilacina [racemosa var.] amplexicaulis Nutt. Woods on canon side.
No. 5631. Cercocarpus parvifolius 12 ft. h. = C. betuloides Nutt.
No. 5632. Adenostoma fasciculatum H. & A.
No. 5633. Arctostaphylos tomentosa, var.
No. 5634. Psoralea strobilina H. & A.
No. 5635. Garry elliptica Dougl.
- An impromptu meeting of the California Botanical Society was arranged for Sunday afternoon at the residence of Mr. Blaney. About 20 people came. I explained the objects of the Society and Miss Beans took the names of prospective members.
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