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San Bernardino
Mill Creek Canon

No. 5569. Mimulus guttatus DC. Det. A.L.G. Mill Creek Canon. Parish says Greene has described this as a sp. c. 2200 ft.
No. 5570. Viola nephrophylla Greene. Mill Creek Canon.
No. 5571. Salvia mellifera Jepson. San B. valley, near mouth of Mill Creek Canon. Tube much exserted from calyx. Upper lip prominent, erect, notched, the 2 stamens erect under it. Lower lip with small lateral lobes and broad middle entire lobe produced beyond them
No. 5572. Osmorrhiza brachypoda Torr. Mill Creek Canon.
No. 5573. Sedum spathulifolium Hook. Face of cliff. Mill Creek Canon May 19
No. 5574. Astragalus crotolariae Benth. San B. valley, near mouth of Mill Creek Canon. No! = A. pomonensis Jones
15-23 May 1913

No. 5575. Salix cordata var. watsonii Bebb. Next to snow drifts in Snow Creek, a tributary of Mill Creek, above Forest Home, San B. Mts. Bark spm. taken, smooth and of same color clear to base. Shrubs 6 to 10 ft. h. Scales white-hairy, the upper dilated obtuse half jet-black. Ovary glabrous. Stigmas 2, Stamens 2.
No. 5576. Pedicularis semibarbata Gray. Mill Creek Canon, San Bernardino Mts.
No. 5577. Phacelia davidsonii Gray. Dwarf, in sandy soil, pine woods, Mill Creek Canon. Corolla limb purple, center white, a striking color combination. Appendages free from filaments or only joined as base. Three linear clear or translucent spots alternate with each set of scales or appendages in corolla. Ovary hairy and lower part of style a little hairy. = P. curvipes Torr.
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