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Riverside Mts., Colorado R. Riverside Co.
No. 5246. Acacia greggii Pinnae on old wood 1 or 2 pairs; on new wood, of the season, 2 or 3 pairs. Leaflets oblong, 4 to 6 pairs. Rarely 5 pinnae, one of them, the fifth, being terminal. See p. 96
No. 5247. Cactus [Opuntia ramossisima Engelm.] Forming clumps 2 ft. high.
- River noises. Last night there was a curious valve-like noise in the river that attracted our attention. Also: this morning at the lunch place the river 2/3 way across would have intermittent fits with a long grinding roar, a little like a threshing machine. From out still waters the river will boil like a volcano, as if some leviathan were below The heavy waves
c. 300 ft. 29. Oct, 1912
are often in very shallow bottom.
- Rise of the River. Went into camp at 2.00 p.m. Blythe Intake Almost immediately the river began to rise and tremendous masses of drift came floating by. Some of these logs suggested amphibians, very slick and greasy as they rolled uneasily. One of these river amphibians a mile away looked like a huge hippomatus perhaps, struggling to get up out of the river and rolling over in the water -- the effect was dramatic as we watched it. It was the huge crown of a tree struggling with the current in somewhat shallow water
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