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Colorado River
green the conical hills. It is a curious green, all given by its bark, a sort of mouldy green scum-like.
- Left camp below Bill William's Fork at 7:40 a.m. this morning. Went into camp yesterday at 2:00 p.m.
- Parson's Wild Fls Cal. Rennie says the hand-col. ed. sells for _25.00
- The river stretches out smooth, shining and peaceful but carrying us smoothly along. The great desolate ranges march up to the water's edge; the monument cactus keeps vigil on the gaunt hills; from the brush clumps on the mesa flats the quail's call vibrates through the morning air.
- Populus fremonti, average stand, below Parker, Cal. shore., 45-50 ft. h., one tree 15 in. diam. at 4 ft (average tree). See photo.
Oct. 26, 1912
Species of the Washes.
- Atriplex polycarpa, common
- Suaeda torreyana (no. 5216) "
- Prosopis juliflora (var. glandulosa), "
- Atriplex lentiformis, fairly "
- Lycium andersonii (no. 5200) "
- Acacia greggii
- Prosopis pubescens
- Olneya Tesota -- Whipple Mts and south.
No. 5226. Distichlis spicata [(L.) Greene] grass, bank binder. Bill Wm's Fork. [ARIZONA]
No. 5227. Pluchea sericea Cov. Arrowweed. With preced, but on mesa.
No. 5228. [Mammillaria dioica K. Bdg.] Small "woolly" cactus, whole plant taken. Flesh yellowish.
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