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Mohave Desert
this trial the mexicans stood by her. All of them had a great liking for her. Until she was ordered not to do so, she taught the children their own language in the school. It re-vivified the school. The interest was very great. The parents for the first time took the liveliest interest in the school and made the children go to school. The children themselves took interest in learning English as a result of learning spanish. It meant a great deal to the community as the children were all mexican, except the teacher's own children. When the Spanish was ordered out the interest and attendance
21 Oct. 1912
fell away. She is a brave courageous cheery woman this Mrs. Ferguson and is one of the characters along the Colorado River.

- Arrived at Needles at 7:35 where I was met by James Rennie. Tomorrow we are to get ready for the trip down the Colorado River. Rennie got in last night. This morning he wandered around and made acquaintance in view of immediate main errand, to purchase a boat. He was referred to Sweeney, the riverman. He found Sweeney talking with a group of men along shore. He told him what was
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