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Mohave Desert, Barstow
2100 ft.

down its toes" and Miss W. tells me that Heemis remarked that they die very slowly. The desert chipmunks take all the ripe seed as soon as they pods are ripe. It is impossible to get seed after a certain time. Probably the seeds are ripe in July as the pods were full-grown when I was here in June.

No. 5178. cont. from p. 26.
Flowers 5 (or 6) to head. Corolla lobes short. Style-branches short-hairy. Very abundant in the washes, mostly 5 or 6 ft. h. Herbaceous parts whitish or grayish with a scurfy covering.
Oct. 20, 1912

No. 5180. Baileya multiradiata var. pleniradiata Cov. Bank of wash. Rays many, in 2 or 3 series, yellow, turning straw-color in age and deflexed all around. Rays 26 (1 count), clear lemon-yellow! Corollas glandular-puberulent, puberulent-tufted! on back of lobes!
- Petalonyx thurberi, past fruiting! Mesa near Barstow.

No. 5181. Erysimum asperum DC. Crucifer in fruit. Rich sandy slope.

No. 5182. Erysimum asperum DC. With preced. Rosettes flat on ground, the leaves with the char. mustard pungency!! followed quickly by a strong bitter taste.
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