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Mohave Desert, Barstow.
2100 ft

which are often a very beautiful red-brown! as if autumnal coloration. Mesas as well as flats, but char. [?] Atripex species of mesas.
No. 5171. Atriplex canescens. 3 ft. h. Flats or washes.
No. 5171a. " var. laciniata.
No. 5172. [Chrysothamnus paniculatus (Gray) Hall] Tufted composite, shrub 4 or 5 ft. h., the foliage tufted at ends of long erect cane-like stems several from base & branching mostly at top. Wash
No. 5173. Atriplex polycarpa 2 ft. h. Very spiny-twiggy. Dioecious.
No. 5173a.
Oct. 19, 1912

No. 5174. Atriplex torreyi. Plants [signs for male & female] filling the Mohave River bed for miles as at the Waterman Ranch, shrub 2 to 5 ft. h., densely & intricately branched. The plants are rather spiny, the lateral axes of flowering panicles form the spines below the next season.
No. 5175. Dicoria canescens T. & G. Loosely branches from base, Comp. with gray foliage now dried up but still persisting. 4 roundish short bracts to involucre; 1 or 2 much inflated thin bracts enclosing 4 or 5 fls with 5-lobed thin whitish corolla and a staminal column bearing 5 distinct anthers. Outside these 4 fls are 1 or 2 flowers without corolla consisting of an ovary with flat face --
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