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Cont. p. 195.
Indeed professionals if he but knew it make the most mistakes if they are active and doing anything. More over they are constantly called on to give decisions on inadequate material and at short notice. It is often if not always the case that the amateur can if he wishes take almost any amount of time & infinite pains.
- Ammobromae sonorae Torr. Sand Food. cf. U.S. Agr. Rep. for 1870, p. 424.
- Greenella. For E.L. Greene -- Bolander, President of the Bay Dist. Hort. Soc. (See Trans. Cal. State Agr. Soc. for 1872 p. 515. Note the name of Parry on the list of honary members p. 516.)
- Pholisma arenarium. See sub Grant in Letter File, 1913.
- Corispermum hyssopifolium In Ariz. (U.C. hb). C. villosum in Nevada acc. Piper. Fl. Wash.
Feb. 1913
- Congdon, J.W. Trisetum congdoni.
- Wright, W.G. cf. Bull. S. Cal. Acad. Jan 1913 for sketch of his life.
- Brandegee, K. Very kindly criticized my Fl. W. and Cal, I noting the corrections meanwhile for the 2nd [?] ed. With her usual positiveness she said: Greene never pub. Eriogonum dasyanthemum var. Jepsonii. Put it Greene in herb". Carlessly, I did so, only to find the var. was regularly pub. in Fl. Fr. [?] 150.
- Calluna vulgaris. Scotch Heather. Ling.
- Lyon, of Lyonothamnus. cf. Bot. Gaz. 11:197,330.
- Harford. cf. Melica harfordii.
- Asclepias mexicana Cav. "weed, persistent and spreads rapidly" -- Beers in litt. 21 July 1913.
- Herbaria, private. cf. Muhl. 9:26, "type of Trifolium helleri in my herbarium, P.B. Kennedy."
- Carpenteria californica. Re Fremont's routes, consult Williamson in Pac. R. Rep. 5:17.
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