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San Francisco.
Cultivated plants. Oct. 5, 1912.
- Visited Golden Gate Park conserv. The Nyctaginaceous Bougainvillea glabra & laterita in handsome fl. with their 3 pink bracts. Hibiscus rosa sinensis is a very fine flowering thing. Strelitzia reginae is in fl. (Bird of Paradise Flower). Quisqualis indica (Combretaceae). Also a palm with fl. & fr. panicle on trunk far below leafy crown. Monstera deliciosa.
- Cressa cretica! Madeline Plains Dr. Loughridge, 1912
- Abies magnifica photos sent by F.M. Woods 2000 Cala st. S.F. of a tree near Lake Tahoe, 119 ft. h., 13.44 ft. diam. at ground, 8.47 ft. diam. at about 5 ft. -- See U.C. hb. on box material.
- Lupinus chamissonis no. 1. and L. tidestromii no. 2 from Pac. Grove. Mus. one sheet of each. --
No. 1 upper portion of keel ciliate
No. 2 " " " " "
No. 1. Upper calyx lobe divergently and deeply 2-toothed.
Berkeley, Oct. '12

no. 2. Ditto, possibly teeth a trifle more divergent.
no. 1. Lower lobe obscurely 3-denticulate
no. 2 " " " " "
no. 2. Keel seems a trifle more sharply bent upward than in
no. 1.
Otherwise the two seem exactly alike, in all particulars.
- Congdon, J.W. he was a keen-eyed collector as shown by his picking up unusual things: Salicornia herbacea at "Embarcadero, Palo Alto, Aug. 1897" (in U.C. hb.). Also cf. Allocarya vestita Greene at Petaluma, 1880.
- Shockley, W.H. See p. 171 infra.
- Parry CC; Gray, Asa; Muir, John. Cf Letter File sub
Anderson, 1912.
- Anderson, Dr. C.L. cf Zoe, 4; 358 2; 217. Cf. also. Santa
Cruz Surf, July 10, 1908, "Dr. C.L. Anderson -- An
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