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- T.N. Shinn, Original Tree Doctor Co., called today. Says like the rest that our cement work on grounds is all wrongly done. Says he can put in cement so as not to crack, etc and without appreciable shrinkage. Says the amount of shrinkage is not observable and will be covered by the growth in one year. But I pointed out that growth is non-existent, not theoretically, but practically on the edges of some old cav's on old trees. He tried to say that a tree was either alive or dead, if it was alive, it was growing etc. I told him that on our old oaks the growth was so slight you could not see it or observe it He says he sterilizes cavities with creosote oil; and
12 Dec. 1912
with a gas (formaldehyde) and some other gas of which he had forgotten the name. The gas used by closing the cavity of course. His cement he claims to mix dry. See p. 156
- Baccharis sarothroides Gray, no. 5287 Jepson, Whipple Mts. I regard the same as Parish no. 8349 Calexico and as Schellenberg no 6 Chuckawalla Bench which last Hall calls B. sergiloides. I regard all 3 = to San Diego Orcutt which differs only in having slightly narrower heads. The pappus in all these have lanceolate dilated tips. Hall's Panamint & Brandegees Providence Mts = B. sergiloides and has quite different-looking heads from all the above. The difs. in sterile heads of the two species not well worked out. -- Jan, '13
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