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- Ralph Hopping says: I recognize Ceanothus integerrimus, in all its regions, Sierra Nevada, Santa Barbara and Trinity Co., white, cream or blue-flowered, by one infallible test, the taste, which is like wintergreen.
- Oak Surgery. J.O. Steer, of the Pacific Tree Expert Company, of Portland Ore. has been in here seeking a job on our oaks and incidentally condemning the work done. The work is however pretty good still and was pioneer work on the Pacific Coast if not quite in the U.S. Steer claims that he can make a watershed which will throw off the water in case of a cement filling. He does not claim that his cement will not
29 Nov. 1912
shrink for any cement will shrink some. He says he sterilizes with Corrosive Sublimate solution and paints ("waterproofs") with a combination of pine-tar (not coal tar) and linseed oil and ? lard. Carbolinium for sterilizing will act too strongly on the cambium or kill it. Creosote has probably the same danger.
Horne recommends cor. sub. for killing the spores and thinks that an alcoholic solution would carry further along the wood than an aqueous solution and believes it perfectly safe. See p. 166.
- Dudley, W.R. "The Big Basin Redwood Park" (The Forester, vol. 7, p. 157). A Notable Cal. Fir: Abies venusta (l.c. p. 193).
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