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Purple Hills Pass to Laguna
No. 5294 Perityle emoryi acc SBP. Very fleshy-brittle Composite. Rays 11, 10, 11, 13, white. Plant with ascending stems, forming low dense clumps 8 to 18 in high and 10 in to 2 1/2 ft. broad. River bank. Purple Hills Pass. Disk yellow; cor. tube glandular. Achenes flattened.
No. 5295. Condalia lycioides Weberb. var. canescens Stems long, straggly. Shrub 6 ft. h., white-barked! Purple Hills Pass.
- No. 5295a. Lycium torreyi. Cor. lavender or violet. Purple Hills Pass
- Cereus giganteus, Purple Hills Pass. Ariz. shore.
- Populus fremontii. Groves of large size & large trees towards Tehema [?] from Vina. Larger than anything seen on Col. River. -- Rennie.
Imperial Co. 4 Nov. 1912
- We strike another flat valley after leaving the Purple Hills.
- Laguna Dam next.
- Coyote Willow. (= No. 5208), 27 ft. h., 6 years old, 2 5/8 in. diam. at 1 ft.
- Salix nigra, 29 1/2 ft. h., 4 in. trunk diam., 8 years old.
- Camped on Ariz. shore just above Laguna Dam at 4:15 Got away next am. 8:30. Reached the Dam in a few minutes and got our boat across by lifting her out of the water onto a hand-car on a construction railroad. Left dam at 1:50. For a long ways down the river Castle Dome Rock is still a great landmark, and after
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