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Blythe Ldg., 270 ft. Palo Verde Val.
Blythe, and on levee and ditch banks. Mats the ground closely over considerable areas, the only things which forms a cover to keep sand down underfoot.
No. 5269. Chloris elegans [virgata Swartz. (det. B. Crampton, 3/72)] Grass, edge. cult. (cotton) field, Blythe.
No. 5270. Ammania [coccinea Rottb.] Abundant in very low places near Blythe, Palo Verde Valley
No. 5271. Sesuvium sessile [verrucosum Raf.] Frequent on lower flats near Blythe.
- Left Blythe Ldg at 12:20 p.m.
Riverside Co. 1 Nov. 1912.
No. 5272. Parkinsonia microphylla Torr. [= Cercidium] Trunk 3 ft. 4 in at 1 ft; 3 ft. 7. in, at 2 ft., = circumferences in both cases. Height = 24 feet (Both Palo Verdes are usually tree types, in form, more so than the mesquites.) Leaflets 4 to 8 pairs, the leaflets on the rachis in pairs and with their faces approximating. Ariz. shore, opp. lower Palo Verde Valley, = Cibola, north
No. 5273. Parkinsonia torreyana Wats (Cercidium torreyanum Sarg.) [= Cercidium floridum] Trunk 1 ft. 5 in. in diam. at 1 ft., the main branch above this of almost equal diam. Height = 29 ft. With preced.
- Acacia greggi. Trunk 4 ft. 3 in. circ. at 1 foot. Trunk 4 ft. h. Tree 12 ft. h., about 31 ft. broad. With preced.
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