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Barstow 2100 feet
No. 4773. Pluchea sericea Cov.
Called Arrow-weed_ here and along the Colorado. Grows 6 to 10 ft. high here in erect willow-like clumps. There is a patch of it to windward of Miss Waterman_s garden. The foreman said: _It_s worth a thousand dollars._ The winds blow very hard in the spring and early summer and would whip a garden all to pieces. Cont. p. 34, 36.
-Watermelons. Raised here very fine ones. The coyotes trouble the patch, are very fond of them, and always get the earliest- _they know they are ripe before we do._

_Colorado River Indians made arrows from it.
June 3, 1912
-Populus fremonti. Its yellow green crowns are very refreshing to the eye along the Mohave River. Miss Waterman has a drinking trough cut from a cottonwood log, creosoted outside, tarred inside, and kept off the ground it does very well.
-Mesquite, Prosopis pubescens. Furnishes bean forage to the cattle and wood for the house. _The mesquite has come into foliage since I went away,_ said Miss Waterman. _It is my index as to planting. Things are safe from frost when it leaves out. It
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