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Junction Meadow
8100 ft
No. 5017. Sisyrinchium californicum Ait.
Fls. yellow. Segments 5 1/2 lines long, elliptic. Stamens joined into a tube about half-way, then free, the 3 style-branches divergent. Segments distinct, entire, obtusish. [The segments of the blue-flowered one which grows with this one are only 4 lines long.]
Wet marshy place on _hillside_ at Junction Meadow
8500 ft. alt.
No. 5017A. Gentiana serrata var. holopetala (Gray) Holm.
with preced.

--Mountain Balm", a shrub between Nelson's _ Springville, dark green shining above as if varnished, 1 inch wide, 4 or 5 times as long, long an narrow, common. You chew a bit of it and it gives your mouth such a cool feeling, says Mr. Hubbs
July 14 1912
,--acc. Miss Mary Haskell.
Hubbs is the liveryman at Springville, an intelligent man.
The leaf is grey beneath, and very rough. = Eriodictyon glutinosum !!! acc. G.W. Purdey.

No. 5018. Silene menziesii Hool
Caryophyll. Fls white, small. Petals _narrow_-fanshaped, deeply notched so as to give the appearance of diverging lobes. Styles 3. Stamens ? 8 flowers 3 1/2 to 4 lines broad

--Pyrus sambucifolia, --Kern Kaweah R,

--Sierra primrose--Kern Kaweah Canon, delightfully fragrant

--Acer glabrum -- 14 ft. h., several shaggily crocked stems--Kern Kaw.
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