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Mariposa Co.
Lake Merced [July 13, 1911]
Yos[emite]. 7200 ft.

No. 4411. Grass
Granite sand.
Deschampsia danthonioides

Populus tremuloides, 7 ft. 8 in. at 4 ft. Lake Merced Grove

No. 4412. Lappula floribundum Lehm var. jessicae
Crests white, with a yellow gland-like [phase] on lower side. This seems to be exactly same as Glacier Pt. plant, no. supra[?]. Crests as if one and annular.

No. 4413. Grass
Bromus marginatus Nees

No. 4414. Juncus triformis Engelm. Det. F.V.G.
Dwarf, on mossy granite slide.

No. 4414a. Same as above

No. 4415. Wyethia mollis Gray.
Rays 6 to 14. Dry pine flat
[Mariposa Co.]
[Lake Merced] July 13, 1911
[Yos[emite]. 7200 ft.]

Poison Oak. Dr. Andrews says the Eastern Poison Ivy is (or may be) used as an indelible writing fluid. Doubtless our species may be similarly used. It is my remembrance that I saw Poison Oak amongst the rocks in Tenaya Canon near the falls. That is probably near its upper limits of distribution in this region.

Mitella breweri, at foot of Echo Creek in damp shady flat.

Hesperochiron californicus - Lake Washburn

From Little Yosemite to Lake Merced we came over a new trail, a cut-off from the Sunrise
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