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Little Yosemite to Lake [Merced July 11, 1911]
6300 ft

No. 4397. Grass Poa scabrella
Upper Little Yosemite

No. 4398. Lupinus grayi Wats.
Stems of the season erect from short but thick woody branches of the caudex. Fls.[Flowers] azure blue, a prom[inent] yellow spot in center of banner. Keel ciliate above. Little Yosemite.

No. 4399. Juncus parryi Engelm. Thin soil [drift] on glaciated granite.

No. 4400. Grass Trisetum spicatum (L.) Richt.
With preced[ing].

Jeffrey Pine, Little Yos[emite] to Lake Merced abundant about Lake Merced, the only type of P. ponderosa noticed.
[Little Yosemite to Lake] Merced.. July 11, 1911

No. 4401. Arenaria capillaris Poir =A. Kingii (Wats.) Jones
Stamens 10. Styles 3. Petals white, obtuse, elliptic-obovate.
Upper Little Yosemite.

No. 4402. Eriogonum spergulinum var. spergulinum
Segments more or less erose at tip, pink midvein. Stamens 9.
Little Yosemite.

No 4403. Sedge. Carex specifica Bailey
Carex fracta Mackenzie. Det. K.K.M.
Upper Little Yosemite.

No. 4404. Sedge Carex
Upper Little Yos[emite].

No 4405. Carex L. campestris DC. = L. comosa Sedge
Upper Little Yos[emite].
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