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chapi [Tehachapi]. There are beds of diatomaceous rock (white and light) 1000 ft. in thickness. These must have been laid down in quiet waters. What a brooding time that was in the Upper San Joaquin! He has a Miocene bed that is undoubtedly Miocene on Caliente--i.e. fixed by the marine shell deposits. Now if the plants there could be det. and correlated with the beds at Ione, Corral Hollow, etc, it would be a great feast for paloe-botany in California--Oct. 13[?], 1910.

--Miss Crane, ex Bot. 4, who amuses herself with seed-testing, etc says "they speak of me as that woman botanist." I am no botanist, but if I were let them leave off the prefix. !!
Oct. 1910.
-The rains broke this year on October 11 _ [and] 12, quite a fair deluge. A North wind, as usual, came the third _ [and] fourth days but now it is clouding again --Oct, 15, 1910.
-H.A. Greene says: "Just been in the Santa Lucias after Abies venusta seed. Scarce and hard to get. Cones too ripe - go to pieces at a touch. Difficult to get good seed. California Chickadee collects the seed and stores it. A lot of the seed is not good but all the seed which they store are [sic] good. They store in crevices and hollows of the trunks.
I am Vice President of the California Fish and Game
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