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years regretted that he had not made the avenue uniformly of one kind of tree and left out the conifers. The conifers are mostly cypress. The deciduous trees were California Walnut. When the general was married he was 49. When a man waits until that age says Mrs. Royce wife of the manager, who is diriving me about, he is likely to be very romantic. When Mrs. Bidwell came to the place she was struck by the beauty of the Locust bloom. Now John Bidwell could think of no better way
May 31, 1910
to show his romantic devotion to Mrs. Bidwell than to plant locust trees. And he planted miles and miles of them. Thy are so much inferior to the walnut that he later regretted that he had not planted the California walnut which does splendidly here. I see many fine trees. They are tall widespreading where trained up into a street tree. Their foliage is a very rich dark green - a fine cmplexion for a tree in this country to have. To see if they would make timber Bidwell planted our a large grove of them. It is curious to drive through
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