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Olema Marin Co.
No. 4034. Cerastium viscosum L. Olema
No. 4035. Ribes divaricatum Dougl. Olema
No. 4036. Tellima grandiflora Dougl. Petals at first whitish, changing in full anthesis to deep red, and reflexed from the first. Erect calyx teeth. Styles 2. Ovary almost completely inferior. Rootstock not tuberous.
No. 4037. Urtica dioica Greene. Common along small streams or bases of the hills.
No. 4038. Spregularia [sic][ Spergularia] arversis L. Olema low fields
No. 4039. Aquatic Callitriche palustris L. Olema
(Nos. 4040 both cited)
No. 4040. Floerkea = Limnanthes douglasii Baill. Olema. see next page
No. 4040 Ranunculus bloomeri Wats
Apr. 13, 1910.
No. 4041. Orthocarpus faucibarbatus Gray. Corolla sulphur yellow, (sometimes, but rarely, white) aging white. In a few cases I noticed the lips deflex and widely gap, in aging white. But see more specific notes three pages back (p. 64).
- Floerkea douglasii No 4040, fills the low fields. It is very handsome. Its corolla center is - well "yaller," a light but definite "yaller," the tips of the petals white. It is as beautiful a flower for yellow and white as Nemophilia for blue. A U-shaped band of hairs on
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