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Rebecca ranch Grade, sw. of Calistoga
- Fritillaria lilacea is at Olema acc. Mrs. Hunt

cont. from prev. page. If she had known the tree by its common name she would have taken her courage, but the charge that she had not seen the real color or was impressionistic was too much.

- Pinus attenuata - a few trees on Rebecca Ranch grade, perhaps no more then 200 ft. above level valley floor. One tree 66 ft. h. and 1 1/2 ft. diam. at 4 ft. within 20 ft. of Redwood! (on northerly slope) and Black oak.
- Chaparral Pea = Pickeringia montana.
March 28, 1910.
Napa Co.
No. 4020. Calytonia spathulata Dougl.
Abundant in vineyards on hillsides. Coloring the slope! It takes kindly to cultivation as do some other native plants. See back five pages.
No. 4021. Fragaria californica C. & S.
No. 4022. Ceanothus ramulosus (Greene) var. franciscana Rydb. Mc Minn
Very long branches, spiny branchlets. Disk yellow; ovary green (Pedicels pink).
No. 4023. Nemophila heterophylla F. & M. Ovary canescent.
No. 4024. Trillium sessile. See 2 p. back.
No. 4025. Ceanothus ramulosus (Greene) Mc Minn. Disk and ovary both green. (Pedicels blue.)
No. 4026. Dandelion. Spontaneous in moist areas.
(Discarded insect damaged).
No. 4027. Orthocarpus pusillus Bth.
No. 4028. Cerastium viscosum Gray.
No. 4029. Lithophragma affinis
No. 4030. Calycanthus occidentalis H. & A.
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