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Midway Pt. Jan 6
- Midway Point. At this place the cypress tree on jutting cliff which most frequently has its picture taken.
- Yerba Buena - reproduces by stolons.
- Pinus radiata. Logged stump near Cypress Pt. 37 years _ 5 seedling years = 42. Stump 1 ft. h. 27 1/2 in. average diam.
Some rings 3/4 in. wide, showing rapid growth of these trees.
Pacific Grove to Carmel Jan. 7.
- Monterey Pine near Cypress Pt. = 73 rings _ 5 = 78. About 3 ft. diam.
- Walked across the heart of the Pacific Improvement Co's reservation, keeping well up towards the Point Pinos ridge crest altho in the basin, rather than hedging, as we walked, towards the ocean.
In swales on the great open chaparral-covered burn in the centre of the district the Montery Pine is establishing itself in seedlings and young trees by the millions. This is not a exaggeration of speech. In order to determine
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