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Leopard Class
-Lilium pardalinum, rootstock branching, each tip again branching, perhaps another tip branching, making five, in other words a matted rootstock -This is not a bog lily altho often spoken of as such. Well-drained moist hillsides and moist meadows but not bogs. Have often taken out 300 or 400 bulbs from one cluster, in one case 8000! Stems clustered!

-Lilium parryi - bulb does not branch, scales with 2 or 3 joints
March 25, 1910.
Small-fl.[flower] Bog Lilies.
-Lilium parvum
-Lilium maritimum
Both of these are true bog lilies. Rhizomatous like L. [Lilium] parryi, but scales with more joints. Lilium parviflorum belongs in the same class - Shasta and Sierra Nevada.

-cf Purdy's paper in Jour. Roy. Hort. Soc. [Journal Royal Horticultural Society] vol 26 p. (1901)
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