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Humboldt [class.] - Ovate bulbs.
-Lilium humboldtii, stems single scaly bulb - ovate class; scales not jointed - Sierra Nevada timber areas. 8 oz bulbs.
There are 2 vars. with scales jointed and roots above bulb: var ocellatum, 12 ft. tall (8 - 10 commonly) coast S. Calif; bulb exposed to light turning deep purple.
var. "minor" Purdy (bloomerianaum syn) bulb small. Stem 4 ft. tall Guyamaca Mts.
The scales of true Humboldtii are very bitter and give the motive for Purdy to reminisce concerning the many practical jokes he has consummated with this bulb.
-L. [Lilium] bolanderi - scales not jointed - ovate class
-L. [Lilium] columbianum, botanically a small Humboldtii; small ovate bulb like Bolanderi; scales never jointed; miniature Bolanderi; sierras.
March 25, 1910
White Class - Ovate bulbs.
- L. washingtonianum, the true thing, has bulbs more nearly rhizomatous than any other lily of the ovate type. The bulbs (8 inches wide sometimes) become strictly ovate in our garden. Scales never jointed. Perianth segments not closely approximate in the tube. You can see between them in a way you cannot with the var. purpureum (see Ill. in Purdy cat.) Shasta lily is a miniature var. of this.
-L.[Lilium] rubescens. fl. tubular, scales not jointed
-L. [Lilium] kelloggii is a revolute spotted rubescens. Scaly bulb.
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