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Ukiah, Mendecino Co. 620 ft.

- Cerasus demissa. The Coast Range one different, says Carl Purdy, from the Sierra one. Coast range one more common, by becoming a tree, Sierra one a bush, former with black fruit, latter with red fruit.
- A wonderful day - a few white clouds riding high in a blue sky, the mountains wonderfully pure and definite, and with a soft illumination that is very entrancing. The Valley Oaks have not budged a bud, but the willows are foliaged and the Black Oak and Buckeye in the hills.
March 25, 1910.
No 4006. Ranunculus
Low wet places, often in water Ukiah Valley.
No. 4007. Acer negundo var. cal. Sarg. at Russian River Bridge, Ukiah
No. 4008. Salix hindsiana Benth. at Russian River Bridge.
No. 4009. Cercis occidentalis Torr. 14 ft. h. Mill Creek.

Fraxinus oregana, in fl. [female] with 1, 2 or 3 stamens, the calyx reduced to a mere rim. Panicles very short or compact, 1/2 - 3/4 in.
No. 4010. Alchemilla occidentalis Nutt. Mill Creek flat.
No. 4011. Collomia gilioides
Corolla "pink," but really red! Woods in Mill Creek Ca_on.

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