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Willits, 1400 ft
outer portion of the crown since the centre of the crown composed of the main branches is not lichen covered nor white-barked but heavily covered with moss; the trunks show white. So the effect is singular; white trunks, mossy main arms and branches, and coral-like or skeleton like branchlets.
-Sambucus glauca - one mile north of Willits - tree by roadside 7 ft. 6 in. in diam. at 2 ft. above ground. Twenty-five feet h.
Feb. 12, 1910

- Redwood on the hills immediately east of Healdsburg - a few scattered clumps.
- Quercus garryana, doubtless this species, on the flats just north of Windsor.
- Redwood. Overland Auto Cos folder speaks of "Through Twenty Miles of Redwood" on the Lower Eel river.
- Geranium. "Cut your slips in the fall beneath the eye, hang them root up in the cellar, and the will be good for planting next spring. Don't place in soil in the fall" - Florist in Chronicle S. F., Oct 2, 1910. But why root up?
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