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Willits, 1400 ft
- Douglas fir stumps, seven of them, healed over, in forest, near road to Sherwood, about one mile beyond the old Hawley School. They are about three feet high, completely healed over, with diameter measurements as follows: 16", 18", 19", 16", 16",13".
- Quercus dumosa Nutt. This is found in the [canyon] of the Low Gap road about 2 miles west of Ukiah. It is the typical or usual form of Southern California! with flat leaves, small, irregularly few toothed.
February 12, 1910
- Quercus garryana. Never before saw them in real winter dress - and what a different appearance a hillside presents from that described in 1902-1903, the fine "greenwood tree" slopes of the Van Arsdale ranch south of Walker Valley! Billow massis of green. Now - not merely leafless - but showing up such a mass of hoary almost skeleton-like crowns, on account of the clothing of lichen! which is all hidden in summer. Now the lichen gives a peculiar effect to the upper or
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