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Carmel to Pt. Lobos
- Monterey Pine, the cones persist about eight years, very likely ten years. Observed at Pt. Lobos. There are trees on the cliffs at the abalone station that have furnished comrades to the sea, just as the cypress. These trees are in their main branches extremely angular contorted as a result of wind violence.
-Monterey Cypress - the fruiting is very heavy and towards the end of the slender branches and so conspicuous. One cluster of cones was six inches in diameter and contained 51 cones in the
January 5, 1909
-Bishop Pine is near Carmel. Trees 40 to 60 feet high. No!! See ahead.
- Lupinus arboreus is evergreen doubtless because heavily foliaged now.
- Monterey Cypress, wind control. Tabular flattening of crowns or portions of crowns, i.e., each branch, making series of terraces upward from below, this is the effect of wind. Young trees are less or not at all effected. Trees back of shore even a little have the regular conical form and long-pointed finger tips to branches. These long branches are in sharp contrast to stubby branches of wind-control trees.
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