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When I quiz him I doubt its being anything more than root-sprouting from planted trees. Populus alba, planted 50 years ago, 2 ft. diam. fine large trees, now sprouting from 200 feet about old trees. Black Locust (Robinia pseud-acacia) propagates likewise. Also the Honey Locust (Gleditsia triacauthos) which has "thorns much larger than on trees in the Mississippi Valley. Cusick has given his herbarium to the State Univ. of Oregon at Eugene; he has quit collecting on account of advanced age and is now employed as a
Sept. 5, 1910.
curator in the herbarium. Butler gave up botany in his youth because he did not have time for it. The temptation to resume it he avoided for some 30 years. In June 1907 he was here in Oakland and turning over books in a second-hand shop he chanced on a copy of the Flora of Western Middle Calif. He bought it and thought he would see what he could do with it. On June 20 he made his first determination, in Siskiyou, after so long an interval!

-Douglas Fir, healed over stump say within 10 - 15 miles of Sacramento and Pitt Rivers junction. - [Bevy.] Weed, Sept. 15, 1910. "On Squaw Ck."
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