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Pescadero, San Mateo Co.
from the bibulous one said: I wish he'd review [] Eyes! The man's name was Ballard - the owner of a considerable ranch _ 1 3/4 mi. N. of Pescadero. _2400 acres!
- Pescadero Creek is lined with a rather good growth of Acer californicum, Populus trichocarpa, Alnus oregona. A little south of the Butano (Creek) there is a low valley flat (old river bottom) of perhaps 100 acres pretty well filled up with the above species and with willows.
- Pinus radiata, fine tree 75 ft. h, 4 ft. diam at 3 ft, broadly elliptical, 42 years old, in hotel grounds at Pescadero.
August 18, 1910.
We passed south through the narrow ca_ons of the inner hills, not along the coast road, coming out along Gazos Creek to its north, then along the coast road to Whitehouse Creek where we had a view over the country to A_o Nuevo Pt. and its lighthouse and southeasterly to Finny Creek. At A_o Nuevo Creek or a little this side of it the Monterey Pine is seen in a hillslope, a colony of 8 or 10 acres of it, above the road which is on the flat. This colony is continuous southward and runs down to the road along A_o Nuevo Creek. The trees are mostly large
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