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Berkeley to Halfmoon Bay
- Hills from San Francisco south to Halfmoon mainly barren, totally of trees, a low scrub painiting one or two sides of the back ca_ons - Baccharis and many semi-shrubby things.
- Ryder, Professor of Sanskrit, my companion.
- At Halfmoon Bay in a creek bed are Salix lasiandra, Populus trichocarpa, Scrophularia californica (8 ft. h.), Urtica californica Greene (6 ft.h.). Redwood is seen from Halfmoon both east and northeast as a grizzly fringe coming over the crests and saddles from the east. The barren hills seem to extend further and further back as one goes south along the Coast
August 17, 1910.
Tunitas Creek, San Mateo Co.
The low (heath-like at distance) brush is of the following shrubby, half-shrubby and herbaceous species:
- Rhus diversiloba
- Heracleum lanatum Michx.
- Diplacus glutinosus Nutt.
- Pteris aquilina
- Artemesia heterlophylla
- Rubus vitifolius
- Eriophyllum staechadifolium
The above species were noted at Tunitas Creek.
- Lupinus arboreus - Tunitas Creek
No. 4156. Oenothera grandiflora Ait. Purissima Creek. (O. hookeri T. G.)
No. 4157. Sambucus callicarpa. Tunitas Creek.
No. 4158. Astragalus 3.ft. h. A. pycnostachyus Gray. Banner white, the wings faint yellow. Sides banner revolute.
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