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- Sequoia gigantea on Redwood Creek. A. H. Allen says Hopping is authority for the statement that there are 40 - 50 acres of pure stand on Redwood Creek, the only pure stand that he (Hopping) knows.
- Murray, Wm. Calif. collector, discoverer of Cupressus mcnabiana, "was a great scientific man. Had a thorough training; was State botanist a while; had a brother who was a famous geologist. Had a bank in S. F. Agent of the Rothschilds in Mexico. etc. etc." _Says Miss Kellogg. I have taken down essentially all Miss Kellogg said without regard to its accuracy. Some of the alleged facts are obviously wrong. He was an old man when he married and a daughter, Miss Anita Murray, is still living at Carmel or Seaside.
August 2, 1910.
- A. J. Pieters, has been coll. oaks for histological study. He is nearly my height, thin face prematurely wrinkled about eyes and cheeks, full brown beard, blue eye, pleasant manner. Seems a good observer & makes a favorable impression. Said he left Gov't service because every scientific man shunted off into administrative work, caught the fever for building up an "office" Any number of men trained by [] Smith split off in that way and "developed" a "section" or "office." Most of their time taken in pulling for more appropriation for extension of their work. About
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