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Keddieto Belden
- Walked from Keddie to Quincy in a trifle over two hours. Quincy is a ptetty town, pleasantly situated in the American Valley; its business building facing the Courthouse square with its trees, grass and interesting old courthouse, Greek columns in front and a little belfry and flagpole on the roof. The town is very neat and well kept. The residences are tasteful, and everything in spick-span order. As Ryder said: they looked as though they were trying to be respectable rather than big. Everyone was as polite and considerate as if we had come dressed
June 17, 1910.
in our Sunday best instead of in tramping clothes. At the Plumas House were we made our headquarters, sitting in the chairs on the porch and reading the last S. F. newspapers, we had dinner in a large old-fashioned airy dining room, clean, well-ordered, chromos famous fifty years ago on the walls and copies of which I had not seen since a small child. And the dinner - the most important thing to us who brought to it a sharpened appetite - was most ecellent, the dishes well-cooked and well-served. Indeed the memory of the dinner is to be a topic of conversation and a standard for things generally for some time.
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