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Keddie (3200 ft. Plumas Co.) to Quincy (3400 ft. Plumas Co.) & ret [return]
No. 4136. Grass. Notholcus lanatus (L.) Nash. = Holcus
Near Keddie.
No. 4137. Composite. Dry open pine hillsides. Keddie.
No. 4138. Phacelia virgata Greene with preceding = P. magellanica var. heterophylla (Ph.)
No. 4139. Eriogonum nudum var. oblongifolium with preceding.
No. 4140. Sedge. Carex feta Bailey. Quincy.
No. 4141. Hosackia bicolor Dougl. Quincy. = Lotus pinnatus Hook.
No. 4142. Mimulus guttatus DC. Quincy. Wet mdws.
No. 4143. Wyethia
Moist flat. Quincy.
No. 4144. Iris hartwegii Baker. Pine flats. QUincy.
June 16, 1910.
No. 4145. Grass. Sitanion jubatum. G. Sm. Pine flats. Quincy.
No. 4146. Brodiaea multiflora Benth. = Dichelostemma
Pine hillsides & flats. Quincy.
No. 4147. Trifloium breweri Wats. Flat on ground. Pine opens. Coralla whitish with a faint pink tinge at end of banners. Flowers twined opposite (to one side) after anthesis. "When finished they are put behind."
No. 4148. Sedge. Carex stipata Muhl. Quincy.
No. 4149. Lupinus polyphyllus Lindl. Moist mdw flats. A lot of it. 3 - 4 ft. h. Fls [flowers] blue, whitish in center of banner.
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