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Lassen Co.
Snag Lake
- Snag Lake was probably made by the lava flow from Cinder Cone stopping the ca_on. The lava tongue extends into the waters of the lower part of the lake. The tongue presents a very singular sight. The wall of it is so high and sharp. It is like a great coal dump. Viewed from the summit of Cinder Cone one can see the course the lava took just as one traces the course of a river.

- Menyanthes trifoliata L. East Fork King Creek towards Twin Lakes, on Cinder Cone trail from Warmer Vaalley. See p. 118, No. 4111.
June 12,1910.
- Juniper Lake is a large and beautiful sheet of water lying north of Mt. Harkness just above the wall which rims King Creek. It is entirely "open" now altho G. W. Olsen showed me a photograph of it taken June 24 when it was covered with snow.
- Water froze in our camp kettle last night, at our camp between Grassy (Twin Lakes) Lake and Snag Lake.
- Met a man by name of Ed. Cameron who gave us some informaiton about the country. He has cattle in this region.
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