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Lassen Co.
Cinder Cone, 7200 ft.
Plants in Cinder Cone
1. Pinus murrayana
2. Salix sp. (Californica?)
A few (3 - 4) shrubs in crater near rim.
3. Eriogonum no. 4115.
Involucral lobes reflexed.
Rim of crater and on sides, the most common species on the cone.
4. Eriogonum sp. Basal leaves roundish, green above, white beneath, medium infl. A few plants.
5. Penstemon newberryi Gray. No. 4116. Fls. crimson. Anther pairs well protruded under upper lip. Lobes of upper lip parallel. Throat narrow. One plant seen.
6. Penstemon davidsonii Greene. No. 4117. Anther pairs deeper under upper lip. Lobes
June 11, 1910

of upper lip divergent. Throat of corolla more open. Corolla lavender. One plant seen.
7. Chaenactis sp. A dozen plants seen.
- Pinus murrayana is the only pine on the new lava of Cinder Cone. It occurs nostly on the "red soil" and not on the lava proper. No tree appears to be over 20 - 25 yrs old at most.
- The cone is simply a conical pile of fine fire gravel, the sides perfectly smooth through sloping off by gravity. The crater is large. It has an outer rim and a smaller rim close to outer rim, then the [??] cone-shaped crater. S. & s.e. is the lava flow which extends as far as Snag Lake and Lake Bidwell.
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