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Grassy Lake to Snag Lake to
(7300 ft.) (6200 ft.)
Shasta Co. Lassen Co.
- Forest of White Fir, Tamrac Pine, Pinus monticola. The latter with cones densly [sic] clustered in the very top very striking
Cones only in top _Pinus monticola, Pinus lambertiana
Cones all over tree _P. ponderosa, Pinus murrayana
- Lonicera conjugialis, colonizes hillsides. More of it than I have seen elsewhere. Here 1 to 2 ft. h. At Hot Springs Valley 4 ft. h.
Cinder Cone, June 11, 1910.
7200 ft.
No. 4116. Penstemon newberryi Gray. Corolla crimson. see next p. no. 5. Cinder Cone. One plant seen.
No. 4117. Penstemon davidsonii Greene. Cinder Cone. One plant seen. See next p., no. 6.
No. 4118. Ribes cereum Dougl. Widely spreading shrub, 3 to 4 ft. h; stems many from the base ascending. Cinder Cone, base.
No. 4119. Lonicera conjugialis. Snag lake. 2 ft. h. Hillsides, open coniferous woods.
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