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King Creek to Grassy Lake s.e. Shasta Co.
- Forest continuous of Red Fir & Tamrac which prevents one seeing the peaks or ridges about as one journeys from fork of King Creek to Grassy Lake. It is a hilly & peaky plateus to be sure but very confusing since the timbered ridges are all alike and one rarely sees an evelation.
King Creek proper is a beautiful stream, not grand or sublime, but presenting truly enchanting views as one goes up it. The gorge is a rather narrow one, the walls are often perpendicular or nearly so and with pointed rocks sometimes and one is often and suddenly presented with a charming view of the stream bottom from some
June 10, 1910.
vantage point not far above it - a clear stream rushing over rocks through a border of freshly green willows and alders which doe [sic] not obscure it. The Deer Brush (Ceanothus cordulatus) is white with bloom and sick-heavy with fragrance as on Lassen. A lowly solanaceous flower spots with white the opens in the pine forest. There is a little Acer glaberum at one place. The trees are Abies concolor, Populus trichocarpa, no Sugar Pine, nor Douglas Fir, nor elsewhere in the region. There a great thickets of Alnus tenuifolia in swales. There is Lonicera conjugialis and Amelancher alnifolia, both in flower.
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