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King Creek se. Shasta Co.
No. 4107. Phacelia griseophylla (Brand). Hot Spr. Val. [Springs Valley]
No. 4108. Composite. Crepis monticola. Hot Springs Valley.
No. 4109. Solanaceous- Chamaesarcha nana Gray. King Creek. Opens in pine woods on slope. Corolla white with 5 largee greenish spots at base.
No. 4110. Viola. Viola adunca. fls. blue, wet mdws. Fork of King Creek on Cinder Cone trail.
No. 4111. Menyanthes trifoliata L. p. 128. Pond. Petals white, very hairy with white filaments. Cinder Cone trail. 7100 ft.
No. 4112. Mimulus Jepsonii Grant Det A.L.G. Corolla red, the yellow folds on throat with a dark purple margin. Stigma
June 10, 1910.
very conspicuous and well protruded. Moist gravelly ground, where snow has recently gone off, the first vegetation appearing. Near Grassy Lake.
No. 4113. Trifolium longipes Nutt. Near Grassy Lake, in most mdw edges.
No. 4114. Viola purpurea Kell. ssp. integrifolia B.& Cl. dry pine woods. Lying very close to ground. Near Snag Lake. Petals yellow, the lower purple-veined. Flowers not appearing to open very widely.
No. 4115. Eriogonum umbellatum var. umbellatum. Crater & sides of Cinder Cone. Fairly common. See 5 p. on.
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