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Hot Springs Valley (5600 ft.) Plumas Co. Lassen Peak

Mertensiana mixed with it. In the lower part of the Red Fir belt we get here Pinus monticola, its bark with squarish plates frequently very oak-like. Occasional Tamrac Pine. In Hot Springs Valley and the slopes for 500 ft. above it we get Tamrac Pine, Populus tremuloides, Abies concolor, Quercus vaccinifolia, Prunus emarginata, Ceantohus cordulatus Kell., Alnus tenuifolia, Lonicera conjugialis (black-purple fls.), Gomphocarpus cordifolius Gray.
June 9, 1910.
No. 4100. Umbellifer. Eulophus bolanderi C.&R. Notice the old as well as the new bulb. The new bulb will probably be all but exhausted in the seeding process. Fls. white.
No. 4101. Sedge Carex abnupta Mackenzie Def. K.K.M.
Common in Hot Springs Val.
No. 4102. Paeonia brownii Dougl.
No. 4103. Eriogonum ursinum. Rays once dichotomous, with bractlets at the forks. Fls. white!
No. 4104. Phacelia racemosa T. Bdg. Corolla pale white, translucent between the veins, giving it a coralline appearance. Five yellow glands or pits at the base inside corolla tube.
No. 4106. Galium
No. 4017. Grass. Wet mdw. Alopecurus geniculatus L.
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