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Hot Springs Valley to Lassen Peak 5600 ft. Plumas Co.

No. 4083. Viola bakeri Greene. Pets. [petals] clear yellow, the upper not quite so distinctly dark-veined at base as the lower. Pine woods, Hot Springs Valley, slopes near.
No. 4084. Ribes amictum (roezlii). Low spreading bush, one ft. high, but the branches longer. With preceding.
No. 4086. Mimulus Tilingi Regel var. corallinus (Greene) Grant. Det. A.L.G.
In hot earth, moist spot, in the crater known as the Boiling Lake (Lake Tartarus). The rocks about the spot were also hot.
No. 4085. Grass. Agrostis humalis B.S.P. A. scabra Willd(det. B. Crampton, 1972). In hot earth, old crater. Lake tartarus.
No. 4087. Ranunculus orthorhyncus Hook. Swampy meadow, Hot Springs Valley.
June 8, 1910
No. 4088. Zygadenus paniculatus Wats. Hillside springy place near Hot Springs Valley.
No. 4089. Claytonia lanceolata Pursh. Stamens & pets 5; style branches 3. Moist mountain slopes where snowbanks have just gone off, near Lassen Peak. Corolla pinkish white.
No. 4090. Abies magnifica. Murr. Seedlings. The seedlings are abundant this year. The trails as well as the slopes generally between Mt. Lassen and Hot Springs Valley are covered with them in all the open or half open places. Millions of them - all conifers setting seedlings. In one place I noticed the scales and winged
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