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July 4 1909
Yosemite Valley, Trees & shrubs

--Yellow Pine
--Abies concolor
--Populus trichocarpa, 70-80 ft h
--Azalea occidentalis, in fl!
--Acer macrophyllum Pursh
--Quercus californica (Kellogg)
--Libocedrus decurrens
--Pinus lambertiana Dougl.
--Pinus murrayana, one tree in El Capitan meadows thin foliage but striking for being full of cones which are open and blackened
--Cornus nuttallii, 30 ft h, stump-sprouting freely
No. 312B Geranium incisum Nutt. Petals pink, purple veined, the
[veins branching above]
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