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Vacaville to Middleton & Cobb Mt., July 11-13, 1897

- The only pine from Vacaville to Butt's Canon (between Pope Valley and Middleton) is Pinus Sabiniana.
Cupressus McNabiana -- common on the dry chapparal hills between Adam's Spring's and Glenbrook. (Also abundant from Butt's Canon into Coyote Valley). The chapparal mentioned is Arctostaphylos manzanita, Rhamnus Californica, Adenostoma fasciculatum H. & A. Quercus dumosa, Ceanothus Jepsonii (which seems to replace D. cuneatus of Berryessa Valley) _ Pickeringia montana,
Cypress (C. macnabiana) -- Monticello to Samuel's Springs, 5.2 ft at 3 ft. Height = 40 ft. acc. Hunt, 35 acc Nuhi [?].
Butt's Canon to Cobb Mt, July 13, 1897.

Butt's Canon is the pass between Pope Valley and Coyote Valley. On the divide I met the first Yellow Pine -- single tree. The common shrubs on the divide are Arctostaphylos manzanita, Adenostoma, Yerba Santa, Ceanothus Jepsonii, C. cuneatus. Oaks = Quercus lobata, Douglasii, Wislizenii, one Kelloggii at this point. The Langtry Ranch is in Coyote Valley. In the yard stands a fine Valley Oak 18 ft. circ at 5 ft.
From Middleton we climbed Cobb Mt. as the wagon road goes and camped all night at the summit. The next day we went on to Adam's Springs & Glenbrook.
- Big Sugar Pine at Glenbrook, 6 ft. diam, at about 4 ft from ground -- made 10,000 shakes. Difference in splitting quality of tree. "Shake-splitter will hunt around a day or two to secure a favorable tree"
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