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Hollister to Santa Cruz Mts.
June 15 - 24, 1896.

we returned to Hollister. Recovered and June 15, Monday, left at 2:00 P.M. Stopped all night at a hotel in Gilroy. June 16, took the Watsonville road, climbed the Coast Range ridge and down the other side to within 4 mi. of Corallitos where we camped. June 17, went on to Santa Cruz. Came back to Soquel and started into the Santa Cruz Mts, camping on Soquel Creek, until June 22, botanizing all the while, when we went on over the mountain by the Hotel de Redwood to Wright's. Lunched above Wright's. Moved down the canon to Forest Grove. Billie's celebrated "balk" in the creek occurred here. June 23,
San Jose to Altamont,
June 24 - 26, 1896.

camped all day at Forest Grove_. June 24, went out of the mountains past Alma and Los Gatos to San Jose. Then to the old camping place in the lane near Milpitas.
June 25, Started for Livermore via the Niles Canon. Road blocked and so we had to come out again and go back to Mission San Jose and over the mountains to Vallecitos.
June 26, stopped all night last night in Livermore at the Washington Hotel. Lunched 4 or 5 miles beyond Altamont_. cf. Bottom of p. 82b. After passing the summit beyond Altamont and taking the down road, the flora of the San Joaquin came into evidence, Spiro-

_ Later called "Eva station".
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