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Berkeley to Bald Peak and Orinda Park
Sept. 7, 1895.

- Platanus racemosa Nutt. in canon to right of Bald Peak straight down to Orinda Park. Tree 3 ft. diam., 60 ft. high.

Ross Valley, Mar. 23, 1896
- Acer macrophyllum Pursh. In full flower, very beautiful at this time -- the leaves barely appearing.
- Quercus Kelloggii. Styles 4 (or 3), longer and more slender than in Quercus agrifolia. Bracts 6, instead of 2 as in " " . Membranaceous involucre surrounding ovary and styles similar, but the ovary more evident at flowering stage and the thickened cushion (the future cup) far plainer in Q. Kelloggii. The staminate fls. should be looked up and compared.
- Torreya Californica, near Cascades, Mt. Tamalpais.
Ross Valley, Mar. 23, 1896.

- Kellogg Oak, first leaves appearing = a beautiful magenta.
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