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- Redwoods back of Oakland - Mr. U. D. Moodey had the
biggest sawmill of several. He cut the lumber for the first house built of redwood from the Oakland Hills. Moodey was a '49er

- Watson, Sereno. Apparently seldom labeled up the plants he wrote about. The specimen meant may be determined in various ways, often by number given, as Bolander, so and so. Cicuta Bolanderi, type, is marked "Cicuta virosam and maculatum" in Gray's hand and below in very faint pencil is Watson's note "C [illegible mark] Bolanderi, n sp. S.W."

- Gray Herbarium, 1896.

- Curiosities of Bot. Literature.
Prof. Greene's curiously indirect manner of reducing his Delphinium cognatum to D. Andersonii. Pitt, iii, 94. "Dr. Watson was misinformed" - Prof. Greene was the informant and had forgotten.

- Mrs. R. F. Bingham, Santa Barbara, Calif.

- Curiosities of Botanical Literature. Coulter, Fl. Western Tex. Plate. Thelypodium. Heller. Type locality, Virginia and Africa.

- Parry, C. C. was at Stockton, Calif., Sept. 1881.
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