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Vacaville, 1898.

- Weeds.
Glycyrrhiza, -- in orchards, green in August.
Sida hederacea -- in orchards, reproduces by root
stocks, never seeds.
Asclepias Mexicana. Cav.
Lupinus formosus.
Centaurea, Yellow, strays into cultivated fields (C.
Centaurea, Blue (Calcitrapa) does not go into cult.

cont. from p. 175.
- San Leandro Canon near Redwood Peak in the Oakland Hills, that is in Sequoia sempervirens territory! But Alnus rubra (oregona) is the tree of the Sequoia sempervirens belt! and is found on west slope of Oakland Hills also and in Strawberry Canon.
New Haven, Dec. 1896.

- Called on W. H. Brewer at his study, Yale Campus. Piled high with all sorts of things, newspapers for clippings with a peach-basket file; Watkins' photographs of California trees. At home, where he took me to dinner, he had a string which had measured the girth of a big tree. He started around through parlor, dining and sitting rooms in a circuit to show how big it was.
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