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Lecture Excursion to Santa Cruz Mts.

- In my early years, through the interest of Professor E.J. Wickson, I was sent into the Santa Cruz Mts. to some local settlement, to talk to an organization on the wild flowers. I chose to talk about the broad vernal effects of color, often produced by the tiniest plants and tiniest flowers, and yet so massed as to be visible for miles. I have no contemporary record of the trip. My reception was very hospitable and I was kept over night by someone. On page 89 ante there is the note for "June 23, 1897: Santa Cruz Mts., Skyland, Wrights", which sounds all right for the locality, but seems now too late. Should rather be about 1892 or 1893. I took with me the finest sheets of flowering plants possible from the herbarium, beautifully mounted.
[--12-16-'37]. It was the first time I ever went out anywhere to lecture to the general public on botany. My memory insists it was somewhere about 1892. See next page.
- "Horseshoe Bend, near Coulterville," Mariposa Co. On one of my Rhamnus spns. I find Horseshoe Bend. This is a bend in the Merced River. In 1896 we traveled the road from La Grange to Coulterville; but I do not recall that we went by the much longer and more southerly way, but rather by the northerly fork which is the direct road today. -- W.L.J., 1938.

Cont. from bottom p. 136b. However, it seems, now, on reflection that it was after E.L. Greene left California in 1895 about June. I was at Harvard in the fall of 1896. So perhaps 1897 is right. But my memory of the event is that I was extremely timid about expressing myself; therefore 1892 were better. -- 1897 is doubtless correct. Greene had left.
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